Bridging Innovation and Translation in T cell Immunotherapy

When:Sept. 19-22,2020
The monastery church in Raitenhaslach and the prelate’s wing, completed in 1762 and now home to the TUM Science & Study Center. (Picture: Uli Benz/TUM)


A. Abbas, R. Ahmed, P. Bertolino, D. Busch, S. Crotty, D. Farber, D. Green, P.C. Ho, T. Höfer, M. Iannacone, A. Kallies, P. Knolle, T. Korn, V. Kuchroo, L.F. Lu, E. Lugli, A. Oxenius, E. Pearce, M. Prlic, J. Ruland, F. Sallusto, W. Schamel, R. Thimme, R. v. Lier, J. Wherry, B. Youngblood, D. Zehn, C. Zielinski

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